The Perfect 5 Step Warm Up

Although it's often neglected, the warm up is a quick and easy safeguard from any injury. The perfect warmup has five elements that are essential to maximize the benefits from a…


Advice for chronic low back pain

Chronic low back pain often results from a weakness in the muscles supporting your back which may lead to instability or incorrect functioning¬† of the lower part of the spine (lumbar spine). Strengthening the muscles responsible for providing support to the spine is therefore very important. You need to remember to strengthen your stomach muscles as well as your back muscles so that your spine is equally supported at both the front and the back. Loss of stability in your spine can lead to microscopic damage to the surrounding soft tissues so it is particularly important to address this problem quickly to minimize damage. (more…)


30-Minutes full body workout

A little bit of exercise is always better than none, and 30-minutes of exercise is even better.
If you have time for a full workout, either in the morning, in the evening, or smack in the middle of the day, here are some suggestions for 30 minute full body workout.

Warm up

Walk up and down it for 3 minutes, gradually increasing your pace. If you have time, run or walk up and down for 5 more minutes at your top speed. Then, run or walk as fast as possible, for 1minute of jumping jacks. (more…)