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Work with your body type

24 Sep

Body Type

Body Type – The Good & the Bad news:

THE BAD NEWS FOR MEN is that you are probably not going to bulk up like Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight or maybe ever. (more…)

Psychological benefits of Exercise

22 Sep

EXERCISE FOR HAPPINESS! Beyond having a swimsuit-ready, developing grapefruit-sized muscles, or even having happy heart, being physically active improves your psychological health. Regular exercise improves your mood and makes you less likely to get depressed. It can also help you handle stressful situations calmly.

Relieve depression

Whether or not you are feeling blue, exercise can lift your mood and help you feel positive, even in times of adversity. Exercise alleviates depression by providing a natural antidepressant, things in perspective. Aerobic exercise forces oxygenated blood to the brain as well as to other parts of the body. (more…)