Work with your body type

Body Type

Body Type – The Good & the Bad news:

THE BAD NEWS FOR MEN is that you are probably not going to bulk up like Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight or maybe ever. The good news for women is that you are probably not going to bulk up like Schwarzenegger overnight or maybe  ever.
In other words, your body is unique and will respond to weight training in its own way. Men tend to bulk up and women don’t, but most women wouldn’t aspire to Arnie’s shape anyway. Also, keep in mind that many of huge, ripped body builders you see take dangerous steroids and other drugs to pump up. Let’s stay away the natural way.

Every body responds differently to weight training.

Women and men

Sometimes women hesitate to weight train because they don’t want to get big, bulky muscles. The truth is that it’s very hard for women to develop those bulging biceps because the male hormone testosterone is what makes men bulk up. Up to around age 12 to 14, boys and girls build the same amount of muscle. After that, once the testosterone kicks in, the guys are capable of building bigger muscles. Women don’t tend to bulk up; they get toned.

Body type

There are three general body types:  ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.  Ecotomorphs are tall and thin: mesomorph are muscular, and endomorphs tend to be short and plump. Most people have attributes from each type. Bear in mind that it’s harder for a tall, thin ecotomorph to build muscle bulk, just as it is difficult for an endomorph to achieve unnatural slimness. Accept realistically what your body type is, and work with it. Genetics can’t be changed; you are born a certain way, and you need to work with what you have


another factor to consider is age. If you are over 35, don’t expect to get toned as fast as you did when you were 17. Not that it can’t be done eventually. But strength peaks in your 20s and declines after that. This doestn’t mean you should hang up the barbells and plop down in the easy chair. It just means you should be aware and not get discouraged if you find it a little harder than it used to be to  get toned.


What you ear can certainly make difference to how weight training affects you. If you are overweight, it is going to be harder to see those muscles underneath. Then again, if you are not eating enough, you won’t have the energy to exercise hard. The best results come with combined exercise and good diet.

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