Why you need a strong upper body

Of course, we don’t want you toning up unevenly, so work in your upper exercise with those for the lower body and abs. A strong upper body can help you with your daily activities such as lifting and carrying babies or bags of shopping, pushing open a stuck door or winning all important arm wrestling contest.

The upper body is also the part that other people see the most. Not that it matters of  course, since we are doing this for ourselves, but still it is nice to look toned and healthy.

Arms, in a particular, respond to strength training very quickly. You could possibly see results in as 2 weeks. Biceps tone up fast and show. Also, working the triceps is good for toning up that back-of-the-arm flab that can make you want to wear long sleeves all summer.

Up in arms:

Let start with the arms then. First we will go through a few exercises you can do without weights. Then we will try a few with small hand weights.

Push ups

Muscles worked: chest and arms ( triceps, pectoral muscles and latissimus dorsi). Push ups are tried and true way to shape up.

Keep a straight line from line from your head to your hips; Don’t arch or sway your back.

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