Low-impact streching and toning methods

THERE ARE ALSO MANY LOW IMPACT stretching and toning methods that come from the west. Most recently developed exercise disciplines include Pilates and the Lotte Berk method, names after the people who developed them, Joseph Pilates and Lotte Berk, who were life long champion of physical fitness. Both methods can be used as a stretching and toning supplement, or even for rehabilitation because all movements are low-impact (no jumping or other jarring movements) and many can be done while lying down. (more…)

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Eat for exercise

NUTRITION AND EXERCISE go hand in hand. If you are exercising a lot, you want to make sure to get the right kind of fuel in your body for optimal performance. Hardcore athletes often have particular food rituals, like runners who load up on crabs the night before a marathon with a giant pasta dinner. But for general fitness, we just want to get enough fuel for maximum energy for the workout, but not so much food that we are weighed down or get a cramp or stomachache. So, the best thing to do is wait 2 hours after a big meal before working out, but don’t hit the gym on an empty stomach. (more…)

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Personal stereos

Since it is not very convenient to drag your stereo equipment to the gym, personal stereos are the best way to listen to music while working out. Music can enhance your exercise experience. It can add a little spice to your workout. It is more fun pedaling on the stationary bike or running on the treadmill to the beat of your favourite  song.

Some gym take music extremely seriously and play music throughout. But if your gym does not or if you do not particularly like what is being played you may prefer to create your own workout soundtrack and listen to it on your personal stereo. (more…)

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Why you need strong abdominal muscles

NOT ONLY DO FIRM, STRONG ABS look attractive, they are important for overall strength. They are the center of your body, and they are part of every movement. They assist in the regular breathing movement and support the muscles of the spine while lifting and keeping the abdominal organs in place. They are the core of your strength and power.

Strong abdominal muscles can alleviate back pain and increase your general fitness. Toned abs play an important role in stabilizing the spine and pelvis. Contracting the ab muscles increase pressure within the abdomen, which then pushes against the back and help the back stabilize itself. This is helpful in all sorts of everyday activities, from lifting objects to playing sports. (more…)

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Personal trainers

PERSONAL TRAINERS ARE HIRED FITNESS coaches who can asses your fitness situation and get you going on the right track by working with you one-on-one. They can help custom design your workout, choose the equipment that is right for you, and guide you through the moves safely and effectively. Some gyms will offer one free session when you join. If yours does, by all means take advantage of¬† it. (more…)

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