Personal trainers

PERSONAL TRAINERS ARE HIRED FITNESS coaches who can asses your fitness situation and get you going on the right track by working with you one-on-one. They can help custom design your workout, choose the equipment that is right for you, and guide you through the moves safely and effectively. Some gyms will offer one free session when you join. If yours does, by all means take advantage of  it.

Some personal trainers are on staff at gym, other trainers work on a freelance basis. If you can’t find a personal trainer at your gym, check the noticeboard or buy a magazine about fitness and look through the small ads. When looking for a personal trainer, find one who has been certified by a legitimate fitness group or who has a degree in physical education.

one of the perk of having a personal trainer is that if you have an appointment with one, it is going to be harder to get out of exercising than if you were going to the gym by yourself.

A personal trainer can be a great help, particularly at the start of a fitness campaign when you may need to be shown how to make the correct moves.

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