Looking for a personal trainer

Works of a personal trainer
1. Clear Training Objectives: Begin each exercise session by
explaining the training objective and what you would like your client
to accomplish during the workout.
2. Concise Instruction with Precise Demonstration: Brief performance
explanations coupled with excellent exercise demonstrations
appears to be a highly effective means for eliciting the desired

3. Attentive Supervision: Previously inactive individuals tend to lack
confidence in their physical abilities, and typically appreciate instructors
who are fully focused on them as they perform their exercises.
4. Appropriate Assistance: To ensure correct exercise execution,
it is frequently necessary for personal trainers to manually assist their
clients with the activity performance, such as giving and taking dumbbells,
spotting barbell lifts, and guiding proper resistance training
movement patterns.

5. One Task at a Time: Rather than projecting a series of performance
requirements, it is advisable to present one directive at a
time to increase the probability that your client will successfully complete
each specific task.

6. Gradual Progression: In the field of resistance exercise, it
appears especially important to progress in a gradual and systematic
manner, with relatively small increments in training intensity.
7. Positive Reinforcement: Positive comments are always appreciated
by exercise participants, particularly new clients who are less confident about their physical performance.

8. Specific Feedback: Positive reinforcement is more meaningful
when it is coupled with specific information feedback that increases
its value by becoming both an educational and motivational tool.
9. Careful Questioning: Because some participants may not volunteer
information that could be useful for their program design, ask
relevant questions to ascertain how they are responding to their
exercise experiences.

10. Pre- and Post-Exercise Dialogue: It is advisable to commence
and conclude each exercise session with a couple minutes of personal
communication with your clients to share relevant training information

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