Children & Osteoporosis:

Physical inactivity is correlated to dozens, if not hundreds of diseases and conditions, with emphasis on obesity, heart disease and stroke. Generally, not as much attention is paid to osteoporosis, a degenerative bone disease, although much research cites the importance of weight-bearing exercise in maintaining bone health.

Researchers found that weight-bearing exercises led to optimal benefits in bone development, mineralization, and structure. In their review, they show evidence that unlike adults, who must engage in regular physical activity to maintain bone mass, children who are active at an early age are more likely to benefit from improved skeletal health for the remainder of their lives. (more…)

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Lifting Technique

Improper lifting technique can cause neck, shoulder and back pain and possibly even more serious injuries. Learning the proper way to lift will help you minimize the risk of pain and injury.

*Plan ahead before lifting heavy objects. Make sure you have a clear path. This will help you avoid any awkward or sudden movements that can strain your muscles. (more…)

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Water, water everywhere

LET’S GET THE EASIEST PART out of the way first- drink water. Most people don’t  get nearly enough of this precious liquid, yet it is crucial for survival. We should drink at least eight to ten glasses a day. Water is especially important if you are exercising or trying to lose weight. You need to replenish your body with water whenever you exercise and sweat.

think you know when you need water because you get thirsty? Well, yes, that’s one clue. But many times you are already dehydrated by the time you need water. That’s why you should always have a glass or bottle of water by your side. (more…)

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