Working out while pregnant

REMEMBER THE DAYS when pregnant women were not to do anything much less exercise? Well, those days are over. Not only is it allowed, pregnant women are encouraged to do a little exercise. Whether you have a fitness routine firmly in a place or you want to be a bit healthier for the wee one, exercising while pregnant can make you feel great.

Exercising during pregnancy is good for you for all the same reasons it is good for everyone else. Furthermore, it can help you carry that extra weight around, physically prepare you for the stress of  labour,  and make it easier to get back in shape after the baby is born.

Having said that, let me add that you should always check with your doctor or midlife about exercising while pregnant. And, this is not the time for any strenuous training; this is the time to enjoy a few mellow workouts.

  1. Stay off your back. After the first 3 months, avoid exercise that requires you to lie on your back for long periods. This restricts blood flow to the fetus. Also, avoid standing for long periods
  2. Don’t hyperventilate. No need to breathe very heavily now. If you start to feel yourself breathing heavily, take it down a notch.  Slow down
  3. Be aware of balance problems. Your center of gravity shifts during pregnancy, so avoid activities in which you risk falling
  4. Eat. You have the green light to eat more when you are pregnant , about 250calories a day more. Add on a few extra if you are exercising
  5. Don’t overheat. You are already generating lots of extra heat, especially in the first 3 months. If you feel yourself getting too hot, relax, have some water, find a cool place to sit
  6. Don’t overstretch. your joints are extra loose when you are pregnant, so be careful not to stretch too far. The joints stay loose for about 4 months after delivery, so be aware of that after the baby is born.

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