Keeping your fitness habit, whatever the trend

ANOTHER TREND in the health and fitness arena is that women are no longer the only ones who have strong societal pressure tho look good. Men these days are “supposed ” to be every bit as concerned with their appearance as women. As for women, the trend is toward more aggressive exercise. But trends come and go. The most important thing is that your find something that you enjoy, that you will stick to. (more…)

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Balance and core training

is quickly taking its place alongside endurance, flexibility and strength training as another important building block for a complete fitness program me. Balance work is what it sounds like practicing keeping your balance. Core training has also hit the fitness scene in a big way as a way of strengthening the body’s deepest muscles. (more…)

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Tips on abdominal exercises

THE MAIN MOVEMENT of the abdominal muscles is to shorten the distance between the sternum (breastbone) and the pelvis. To work the abs, do exercises that move your sternum towards your pelvis or your pelvis towards your sternum. Keep this in mind as you do the exercises. The point is prevent lifting from the neck or using other muscles.

If helps to visualize the correct movement as you do them; so, when you are working your abdominal muscles, concentrate on using them to shorten the distance between your sternum and pelvis. Imagine your abs doing this as you exercise. (more…)

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Form is everything

THERE ARE A FEW BASIC GUIDELINES for good form in weight lifting. It is important to have proper form to avoid injury. Form can make all the difference in your exercise program. Worst case is that bad form can cause injury; at the very least it can prevent you from getting the results you seek. (more…)

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