Form is everything

THERE ARE A FEW BASIC GUIDELINES for good form in weight lifting. It is important to have proper form to avoid injury. Form can make all the difference in your exercise program. Worst case is that bad form can cause injury; at the very least it can prevent you from getting the results you seek.

  • Never use momentum to swing the weight. Always use slow, controlled movements all the way up holding, and all the way down. This way you are using the concentric and eccentric contraction
  • Stay in control. Don’t lift so much weight that you don’t have control of the movement
  • Keep your spine straight and relaxes
  • use a spotter- Someone who is ready to grab the weight if you can’t- when lifting free weight, especially heavy ones
  • Breathe. breathing can enhance your workout and actually make it easier to lift the weight. Exhale as you lift or exert force, contracting a muscle, and inhale as you lower, or release
  • completely flex and extend the joint you are working on, but don’t lock the joint. If it is your arm, for example, don’t over extend your elbow
  • Don’t forget to warm up, stretch, and cool down

Never hold your breath when you lift weights

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