Keeping your fitness habit, whatever the trend

ANOTHER TREND in the health and fitness arena is that women are no longer the only ones who have strong societal pressure tho look good. Men these days are “supposed ” to be every bit as concerned with their appearance as women. As for women, the trend is toward more aggressive exercise. But trends come and go. The most important thing is that your find something that you enjoy, that you will stick to.

The gender trends

The popularity of the movie. The Full Monty, shows how men can be as “objects” too, and can stress and worry about a couple of extra inches around the waist. Also, while popular dolls for girls have long been portraying women with impossible proportions, lately male dills have developed giant muscles. This trend has led to more men taking steroids and other supplements to build up to these expectations. This is a very dangerous habit.

Steer clear of steroids or any other supplements to bulk you up. Many of these can be unhealthy and even dangerous.

Not only are more women enrolling popular kick boxing classes, they are also taking up boxing. Also, opportunities for women to play professional competitive sports continue to grow.

Television reflects this trend also, with heroines

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