Best Ways to Burn Calories

AEROBIC EXERCISE IS THE BEST WAY to burn calories and lose weight. Although aerobic dancing is certainly a fun way to exercise, there are plenty of other ways to get an aerobic workout. Any endurance exercise is aerobic and that includes running, cycling, swimming, and many team sports. The most important thing is that you find some aerobic activity you enjoy. Read on to find out which exercise suits you best and pick up training tips on how to improve your performance.

  • Burning calories
  • Walk before you run
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • In the pool
  • Team sports

Burning calories

THE EXACT NUMBER OF CALORIES you burn during exercise is affected by your body weight, intensity of the workout, your level of conditioning(how fit you are), and your metabolism. a person who is out of shape and weighs more will burn more calories than a fit person who weighs less. That’s good news if you are trying to lose weight-the more you weigh the more you burn when you exercise. Also, the more effort you put into your workout, the more calories you burn.

Walk before you run

If YOU ARE JUST STARTING TO EXERCISE, try walking first to ease into a routine. If you are overweight, or haven’t exercised for a while, walking is an easy, non impact way to get fit. Enlist a few friends and make it a social activity. This way you are having fun while being accountable to someone else, and you won’t work out too hard because you will need to be able to carry on a conversation as you stroll.

Running or walking a mile burns about 100 calories.

Walking very slowly won’t make you super fit, but it is a great way to condition yourself to separate the time and mental space for exercise, and to prepare your body for running.¬† Start slowly. For the first week, start off by walking every other day for 15 minutes. Then you can begin to add frequency and duration. Try walking everyday, and try walking for 20 then 30 minutes at a time.


RUNNING OR JOGGING IS ONE of the best and easiest ways to lose weight. It burns more calories than many other forms of exercise, and it is convenient-just throw on pair of shoes and a comfy tracksuit and go!

In the pool

SWIMMING IS ONE OF MY favourite ways to stay in shape. It exercises the whole body- legs, arms, and back without stressing the joints or muscles. Swimming is a wonderful option for people who are over weight, or who have joint or muscle problems, because they become weightless in water. The benefit of being weightless is that there is no impact on the body, so you can get a workout that is just as effective as high-impact aerobics or running, minus the pain. You can still get sore, of course, but swimming is much easier on your body than other aerobic activities.

aerobics with a splash

Water aerobics is another way to exercise in the pool. O2 Health studio in Chennai offer a variety of water aerobics classes. We have ‘underwater kickboxing ‘ class. These class are great for older adults, for people who are rehabilitating¬† injuries, or for any one who just wants a pleasant, safe workout. Even if you are in great shape, water aerobics can be a fun addition to your lap swim. Tips you learn in water aerobics classes can enrich anyone’s experience in the pool.

Team sports

Team sports

JOGGING A TEAM CAN GIVE your workout a boost. For one thing, playing a game gets your mind off the fact that you are burning calories. If you like camaraderie and competition, join a team! You could join a local league, gather a group of friends, or get a group from work together to vent some frustrations on the field.

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