Cross Training with Pilates

Cross training is simply a schedule of exercise using various methods. It could cardio – strength, cardio- yoga, spinning – strength. When the cardio and strength is combined together there are chances of fatigue/overtraining. Also this can put the client at risk of injury.

The benefits of pilates can be combined with regular exercise program by the clients to maximize the benefits. Pilates exercise are oriented toward functional fitness, meaning that pilates teaches you to move better in general, thereby enchancing performance and reducing risk of injury in other activities. The other key to pilates is that it works the muscles in a chain which is termed as kinetic chain in the fitness and rehab industry. The plan is work a few muscles together so that they can be synchronized in the functional pattern.

When your gymming schedule includes workout to your global muscles like deltoid, biceps, triceps, latts, quads, hams, gluteus, pilates complements with working out the smaller local stabilizing muscles like the serrtes anterior rhomboids, lower trapezes, glue medius, transverse abdominals. This kind of work in cross training will be of immense benefit in the functional capacity, body posture, better muscle function.

It is recommended that you include 2-3 sessions of pilates in your exercise schedule to get good result. For women and those in their late 50’s, the need for maintaining balance, muscle strength and flexibility are important functions to maintain a healthy life. Pilates exercise is best suited for those populations in getting these benefits with minimum efforts.

Pick your trial class for a feel of this form of exercise! Contact your branch for details.


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