Gym Etiquette

about the  rules and behaviour, but here are some general rules about gym conduct that can save you from getting a growl or two by the frustrated fellow exercisers. Much of the following is common sense,  but there may be some things that you wouldn’t necessarily think of unless you were already a gym aficionado.

Some machines, like treadmills, bikes and cross trainers, have sign-up sheets. If the gym is crowded, look for a sign -up sheet before hopping onto a recently vacated machine. Here are a few more etiquette points to remember.

  1. Don’t be a machine  hog.  When it’s crowded or when people are waiting, don’t stay on any piece of equipment for more than 20 minutes.  Look for a sign, some gyms have specific time limits
  2. Don’t hover over someone when you’re waiting for a machine
  3. “Work in” with someone. This means taking it in turns to work out on a piece of equipment – usually the weight machines
  4. Don’t leave sweat on the machines(or anywhere). Wipe machines or mats with a towel or tissue paper after using them
  5. Don’t fill up your water bottle at the fountain when there are people waiting;
  6. Do not grunt, talk loud during exercising, it might be disturbing for others
  7. Avoid using mobile phone inside the gym, as it can be distracting for you and others
  8. Use separate shoes only for gym. avoid outdoor shoes
  9. Avoid giving unsolicited advise to members, there are trainers for it.
  10. On the running track: slower runners stay on the inside of the track. So, don’t stop suddenly to check your heart or tie your shoe because ther might be someone right behind you
  11. In the pool: Share the lane. If there are two people sharing a lane, stay on one side. f there are more than two, swim in circles, always staying on the right
  12. Sauna/ Steam room: in single-sex sauna and steam rooms, you can wear a towel or be nude. In shared ones, wear towel or swimming gear
  13. Showers and changing rooms: some gyms have shared showers; others have individual ones. There are usually areas separated by curtains you can change clothes behind if you’re shy. Do  not waste water; use separate footwear, to use in the shower and changing area.
  14. Massage: depending on the gym, you can either be nude or wear a swimming costume or trunks when getting a massage. If you’re not sure, ask someone

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