Gym VS Out Door

I was going for a walk the other day, and i twisted my ankle on a pot hole. given the mindless traffic, pollution and the heat, shrinking play grounds, how safe are out door exercises??

Gyms are climate, traffic & pollution free. The environment is pretty safe. Gyms provide variety in all aspects of fitness. In Cardio respiratory exercise itself you have plenty to choose from like treadmills, virtual bikes, e-spinners, Cross trainers, Rowers, climbers etc., besides there is a group exercise options like the aerobics, aqua aerobics, dance etc. Strength equipments to tone, define and build each every major muscles of the body. Core and flexibility exercise like pilates and yoga, all under one roof – GYM!

Besides this is the valuable expertise of Physiotherapists, Nutritionists, Fitness Instructors, Group exercise Instructors, who monitor each and every move of yours, customize your exercise and diet and hence make it more effective and safe. The ambience & music motivates you to do more. It gives you an opportunity to socialize with people and hence you form a group, which motivates you to exercise when you feel down. Gyms can also a be place where you meet people, where business can happen, like cross promotions, getting leads, contacts etc., Gyms have become more wellness oriented, with a nice little healthy snack bar, spa, massage all rolled in as a package.  This can be a great stress buster. All these are available at a cost effective price!!!

While the Debate continues, Out door is better or Health Clubs are better or Home gyms are better, It is important to EXERCISE. As most home gyms are used as cloth driers, health clubs are the place to be heading, if you are serious about fitness!!!!

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