Preventing Shoulder Injuries

The shoulder is a Synovial joint with a ball & socket orientation allowing multiple degrees of freedom and hence more mobile and less stable, as the bony congruence does not give bony stability, and hence it depends on the soft tissues like capsule, ligaments and muscles around the joint making it vulnerable for injuries. The common shoulder injury in sports being the rotator cuff muscles.,These muscles primarily provide stability for the joint, which means, keeps the ball in the socket, while we do dynamic movements.,like a tennis serve or pulling the shirt etc. the pain in the shoulder can be excruciating and annoying, it painfully takes a long time to settle down.,

They are vulnerable because of the increased movement that’s available and they are precariously placed under the shoulder blade (acromion). Shoulder injuries can be prevented by 1. Reducing the repetitive use & overhead activity (being ambidextrous, bowl on dominant hand and throw on non dominant hand) 2. Strengthening the cuff muscles with a low load high rep program, 3.Good scapular control and posture of the spine and shoulder, 4. avoiding risk taking activities like extreme arm abduction and rotations or pressing more weight than actually you can, 5. ensuring proper flexibility of the shoulder capsule & larger muscles around the shoulder like the pecs, latts and deltoid. 6. Proprioceptive work, an awareness of where the shoulder is in space.,  7. Proper equipment and techniques for the sport or activity

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