Clean Eating Principals

Are you one of those people who exercise consistently and never see’s results? There are many people like you struggling and scratching their heads as to why the exercise makes s0 little difference.

Want to know what the problem is?

It’s your nutrition.

You aren’t  eating clean. No amount of exercise will reshape your body without appropriate nutrition. Picture a mountain peak, its jagged beauty and sharp lines softened by blanket of thick snow. You can’t see any of the rocky details underneath the snow. It’s the same as the human body. Take a look at your stomach, you legs, arms or shoulders. A layer of fat obscures any muscle definition you may have, just like the snow of the mountain. Long comes a blistering hot sun whose energy melts the snow from the mountain. Sure enough jagged details come into view. The same is true of the clean energy you consume.

The blistering fuel from superior foods such as complex carbohydrates, lean protein, fruit and vegetables melts away fat and soon your muscular definition comes sharply into view. That is the beauty of clean eating.

Clean eating consists of eating five oer six small meals every day. eat your meals every two to three hours with combination of lean protein and complex carbs at every meal. Drink at least two liters (or 8 tall glasses) of water each day. Never miss a meal, especially breakfast. Carry a cooler (lunchbox) loaded with healthy clean foods. Avoid saturated, trans fats, sugar loaded colas and juice. Consume adequate healthy fats(EFA’s) each day. Avoid alcohol (another form of alcohol) and all calorie-dense foods that contain little or no nutritional value. Depend on fresh fruits and vegetables for fiber, vitamins and enzymes. Lasty stick to proper portion sizes and no super sizing of your meals.

These clean eating principals will give you result as you continue on your fitness journey of training smarter and not harder thus giving you the results you have worked so hard to achieve.


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