Diet Tips for Weight Loss

Do ‘s  and Don’t s

Do’ s

  • Balance each meal with carbohydrates – 50%, proteins -30% and fat – 20%.
  • Water intake should be monitered, 3-4 liters for a day, drink  at least 300ml – 1 liter on waking.
  • Take simple carbohydrates before workout.
  • Take proteins in 20 minutes after workout.
  • Take 2-3 fruit variety each day. One citrus (Vitamin C) fruit. One high fibre and any seasonal fruit. Fresh fruit juice can be taken with out filtering.
  • Take at least 5 cups of vegetables. 1 cup green leafy vegetable (keerai), one cup of raw vegetable (salads)
  • Take healthy fats like olive oil, gingelly oil, avocado, almonds(6-8) and walnuts(4-6 whole)

Don’t’ s

  • No eating out (Pizza, Buggers, chat items) / feasting.
  • No fasting/ liquid diets/ fruit diets/ skipping meals
  • No alcohols
  • No aerated juices/ packed juices/ powder mix juices
  • No artificial  sweetners


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