Exercise Prescription for weight for weight loss

  • The American college of sports medicine (ACSM) recommends a combined approach of exercise and moderate caloric restriction
  • Existing data clearly suggests that  people who are successful in maintaining weight loss engage in regular aerobic exercise
  • Adding exercise to everyday life can significantly alter weight Eg: expending just 100 calories/day, beyond daily caloric need for a year creates a caloric deficit of 36,500kcal!!!(7700 calories = 1kg of Fat; Roughly you can keep off 5kg fat a year)
  • Additionally, exercise helps to retain Muscles and Metabolic Rate, during weight loss, plus the benefits of cardiovascular health. Regular physical activity also reduces the age related weight gain.
  • The ACSM recommends that individuals engage in minimum of 15o minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week and further states that additional exercise 200-300 minutes per week likely to be associated with successful weight control
  • The following are specific recommendation for weight loss with exercise


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