PLYOMETRIC TRAINING is specific work to enhance explosive power. In other words, it involves a lot of jumping. Plyometric training is used for sports that require short bursts of power such as tennis, basketball, or skiting, but its also a good exercise for anyone who wants to increase his or her power.

Have fun…

Here are a few plyometric exercises to add to your routine. Once again, I like to think of how people were young- always  jumping and hopping around.  Apply this attitude of fun and try some jumping. Also,  make sure to warm up adequately and stretch before you begin.

Plyometrics is a high-impact activity, so if you have any joint trouble or back pain,  give it a miss.


  • Before a vertical jump, crouch to a point where your knees reach a 90 degree angle
  • Use your arms. The inertia of swimming your arms up as you jump will help to pull the rest of your body up
  • The faster you are moving before the jump, the higher you can jump. This is why high jumpers get a running start – to jump much higher than they could from standing still
  • Think about landing with your entire body, not just your feet. The shock of landing is not absorbed by the foot alone; and hip joints working together to absorb the shock  of landing
  • pretend that the ground is hot, and you want to jump back up quickly
  • Land quietly. You shouldn’t hear a loud slapping noise when feet hit the ground

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